■鱼鳞形金属板尺寸可由客户根据实际要求定制,如采用500mm*333mm的钛锌合金(铝镁锰合金、太古铜、不锈钢)卷板,机械加工后的有效面积为0.91㎡,有效利用率达54.5 %。各类建筑物的墙面或≧30度的屋面。

    ■Scales shape metal plate size can be according to actual requirements by the customer, if use 500 mm * 333 mm titanium zinc alloy (magnesium aluminum manganese alloy, bronze, stainless steel) rolled plate, effective area 0.91 ㎡, after machining is effectively 54.5% utilization. The walls of all kinds of buildings or the 30-degree roofs.



   ■It use hidden screw and lower structural link, without chemical caulking adhesive, so as to eliminate that problem of pollution and ageing and prolong the service life of building.


   ■Are arranged scaly, overlapping, for building geometry line have a softening effect, there are so many choices colour and modelling, super depth and architectural art perfect combination, with a strong decorative effect and reduction effect.


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